Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

New year, new look! As we leave 2020 behind, many of us are looking to make some changes, and it’s not surprising that we’re starting with the kitchen. The ‘heart of the home’ has never been more important as we spend more time indoors. So how can we make our kitchens look fantastic this year?

Here are four of the hottest trends we’re expecting to see throughout 2021…

Colour combos

For 2021, the design experts at the Pantone Color Institute didn’t just choose one colour… they chose two. The Colour of the Year for 2021 isn’t a single shade, but a combination of contrasting colours. It’s intended to be both uplifting and grounding at the same time. This might be exactly what we all need after a less-than-ideal 2020!

‘Ultimate Grey’ with ‘Illuminating’ is Pantone’s colour combo choice for the year. These shades are expected to influence a huge number of kitchen renovations over the next 12 months. Rather than the usual white, we’re already seeing an increasing number of homeowners selecting grey kitchen doors. They pair brilliantly with vibrant sunshine-hued walls, as well as with other eye-catching pops of bold, bright colours.

Eco-friendly options

While grey and yellow are our top colour predictions for 2021, we don’t expect to see white kitchens going out of style any time soon.

Recently, beauty brand Garnier surveyed 18,000 people all across the world. Within the UK alone, it was found that 73% want to be more eco-friendly throughout 2021. In fact, many participants agreed that they’re more likely to stick to a ‘green’ New Year’s resolution this year than they had been in the past.

But we’re not just expecting homeowners to choose environmentally-friendly materials. We’re also expecting light-reflecting white kitchen units and doors to see a huge surge. They maximise natural sunlight and reduce the need for artificial lighting options.

Handleless designs

The global health crisis of 2020 has undoubtedly made many of us more aware of the importance of following strict hygiene standards at all times. This is particularly true in the kitchen where food and drink is prepared. And so, for 2021, it’s natural that hygiene and cleanliness will be high up on people’s design plans.

This year, we expect to see the traditional handled kitchen door replaced with more streamlined handleless options. Rather than having a door with a protruding handle that encourages touching, handleless doors feature an integrated J-shaped groove that allows for the door to be opened with minimal contact. And as an added bonus, these designs also keep your doors looking cleaner, too.

Made to measure cabinets

Last year’s unprecedented situation put a brake on many people’s moving plans. In 2021, we’re expecting to see more and more homeowners attempting to really make the most of what they already have, rather than moving.

This means that made to measure kitchen cabinets and doors, custom-crafted to perfectly suit the available space, will become increasingly in-demand this year. These bespoke options make it easier to create a fully functional, optimally designed kitchen. They’re ideal for smaller spaces, or those with a more unusual layout than the typical kitchen area. They come in a whole spectrum of colours, too.

Of course, trends change all the time, and we’re excited to see where 2021 takes us. But we also believe that the four top trends above will dominate the kitchen design market this year.

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