How to Make a Statement in a White Kitchen

There’s no denying that colourful kitchens are ‘in’. Yet despite the growing trend for postbox red appliances, ocean blue splashbacks and copper taps, there’s little chance white kitchens are going away.

There’s an almost never-ending list of reasons to choose a white kitchen. Perhaps you loathe decorating, and want a kitchen that’s going to look modern and relevant for decades to come. Maybe you’re thinking of selling up in a few years, and want a standard kitchen that’s easy to market. It’s not surprising to find that research from the US shows white kitchen cabinets are the most popular in 2021. 

But let’s be honest. There are downsides to an entirely white kitchen. One is that it can look a little uninspiring. So… how can you enjoy a beautiful white kitchen while also making a bit of a statement?

Let’s take a look…

Switch out your doors

Rather than pairing white cabinets with white doors, consider switching your doors – or just some of them – for colourful alternatives. Not only is this a super quick way to make a statement, but it’s also not a permanent change. Keep your old doors stored away, and pop them back on when the time comes to sell up. 

Go supersized

Colour isn’t the only way to make a statement. How about incorporating some eye-catching, oversized elements into your kitchen design? Think huge pendant lights cascading down from the ceiling, or big metal handles on your cupboard doors that are a striking alternative to the discreet handleless trend. 

Use open shelving

According to Ideal Homes’ list of 2021 kitchen trends, concealed kitchen appliances are right on trend. But not everything has to be hidden behind closed doors. Make a statement in an otherwise rule-abiding kitchen with open shelving. Add character with copper pots, cool glassware, or decorative dried ingredients. 

Add portable decor items

If you’re not keen on permanent statement pieces like a bright orange AGA, add attention-drawing decor that you can move in and out of your kitchen in seconds. Plants and flowers work well. As do fruit bowls with multi-coloured fruits (they don’t even have to be real!) or artwork in a steam-resistant frame. 

Design a statement wall

Adding boldness to just a single wall or partition can have a huge impact, without turning your simple white kitchen into a rainbow. Statement walls are often seen as a little dated, but you can put a twist on things by moving away from wallpaper and paint and using eye-catching tiling options instead. 

Give it some ‘oomph’

Earlier this year, 88% of people said that the primary role of the kitchen was for socialising – not cooking! And if you’re part of that 88%, the last thing you want is to be spending a fun evening in a rather ordinary, plain-looking space. But at the same time, it’s natural not to want to stray too far from a design that has proven it has what it takes to stand the test of time. There has to be a middle ground. 

And that’s exactly what these tips can help you achieve: a beautifully simple white kitchen that’s marketable and flexible, with bursts of character and personality that provide the ‘WOW’ factor.

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